I have been pondering the word


 and I suddenly realized it is utterly incomprehensible

 like infinity

 and eternity

 and perpetuity

 all things endless which also means there is no beginning

 a glimpse at a falling star

Again, I’ve veered off course

and I’m tired of wandering

But isn’t life constant movement?

A chasing after the soul

floating above like an elusive butterfly

changing colors without warning

wings suddenly beating against the wind

 while a piece of me stays cocooned

 behind a veil of trepidation

These shifts are universal

 even the earth is trying to shake itself apart

 violent quakes

 and the sea’s sudden rising to reclaim land

 I can’t explain it

 perhaps the power of a million jilted lovers

a convergence of revenge

Isn’t punishment always the force behind change?

Some days I want to hush the whole world

 to a strict silence

but then peacefulness is so oppressive.

I know you see my



 this awful teeter tottering

 between this way

 and that way

There is a rift within myself

My life used to be so neatly compartmentalized

How many lives have I sliced away?

But now I’ve merged it all into chaos like the LA freeways

 this unreasonable tangle

 of lives

 constantly breaking away

shattering my soul into a million pieces

that I’ve painfully glued together

cracks straining

and this

for now




~ by Dark Landscapes on July 30, 2013.

4 Responses to “Unity”

  1. I can relate to this poem…it’s back and fourth up and down explanation of life. I feel that way often…Like my mind is that freeway in LA
    keep writing! I look forward to reading more!

  2. Your use of interesting formatting really adds to the poem (not just here, but all over your blog). I really enjoy this one in particular.

    • Thanks so much. I do love to play with form, and when I first published this to the blog, I didn’t format it properly, and it was all flush left, and it didn’t feel the same.

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