I’m spitting out the bad tastes

Removing the stains of the past

I don’t want to hear anymore from you

The hourglass only holds so much sand

I’ve no more time to waste.


~ by Dark Landscapes on May 31, 2012.

7 Responses to “Waste”

  1. so short and so powerful! I like how definate and how self-empowering this poem is. It’s like a mantra you can say over and over again after you finally come to terms with who you are and who everyone else is in your life. I like how the ending is to positive and you can see a better tomorrow comming. ^_^

  2. short, punchy, the words ooze confidence and positivity.

  3. Very powerful with fresh language. Curious if it is addressed solely to yourself, or someone else. Or perhaps the universe.

    • It’s mostly just directed at the passive aggressiveness of my mom who has a way of making me feel guilty. But I’m 2500 miles away, so sometimes I just don’t pick up the phone. But it can also be my reminder not to waste time on things I can’t change.

  4. no wasted moments on this blog 😉 all perfectly intriguing

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