Political Promises



Together they attack me

lies and smiles

dangerous like the riptide



So slight I hardly notice



It is a fine day outside

The sun is showing its strength

The roses have opened their pink-hearted bloom

Birds sing their appreciation

But I sense

it’s all part of a bigger illusion

Secrets are being whispered everywhere

I hear the pounding hooves of force coming

the taste of malignancy



I have always been afraid

of confrontation

it’s just easier

to feign ignorance

But where’s the line between ignorance and apathy

that dangerous swathe grows wider and wider

and will soon shadow the world

under an umbrella of darkness




~ by Dark Landscapes on May 27, 2012.

8 Responses to “Political Promises”

  1. ON PC search put ( words of peace ) or words of peace global)
    on site Prem Rawat explains that of meditation / of one turning
    the senses inward in an unfolding of the spiritual self. Not ideas.
    Not of beliefs. Not of a heaven a paradise beyond the clouds….
    but that of spiritual experience that answers all one’s questions.

    The purpose of creation / purpose of human life being that via
    the brain as a opening of the heart there be ones development
    in understanding as experience // the ultimate stage in bringing
    of understanding one’s experience is that which via meditation.

    Two points ( first )( if one ready for such stage then one ready
    it is the choice as needs of the individual // if you wish greater understanding as experience then such oppertunity is present.

    Second point ( your focus in being only on the material thus
    in turning the senses inwards being / not part of your life…..

    Rather than in periods of inner conflict where praying to god
    for a answer to life its meaning its purpose ETC…. its not that
    god having not answered it but the stage you are at as being
    your ability in understanding // that which your life is in need
    ( back to the point) if your focus only being upon the material
    trhen via meditation one is being weaned of the material / as
    one’s focus on the spiritual grows stronger // at first it can be
    a struggle to sit still for five mins one is simply not used to an
    inner focus as before one 99% worldly as materially focused
    thus be patient // practice needed in bringing an rich harvest.

    PS / the material is a gateway unto the spiritual // where one
    can live in the material / yet know rhe spiritual self // such be
    the purposse of creation // its not that the material is bad / it
    that one need balance both material as spirititial experience.

    PSS / throught history of humanity there’s spiritual teachers
    amongst such be the “Teacher of Teachers” at the present
    Prem Rawat is the “Teacher of Teachers” thus your be but
    guided by the best. He be a beacon of light in the darkness.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I am always striving for knowledge and contentment, but my body just isn’t ready to release whatever needs to be released. I try meditation, and my thoughts go to berating myself for not “staying in the moment”, or relaxing, etc. As your recent post said, “I am a work in progress.” I am always working to be the best that I can be, but I do fear for the future and the direction it seems to be taking: All the things I cannot control.

      • Excuse my delayed reply. What the situation being is one
        loses themselves in the material illusion / such becomes a
        means of peace (the reality) one ignore that which be the
        needed attention to their true needs. True need the stage
        of meditation in which learning to turn the senses inwards
        thus know the spiritual experience of which they long seek.

        You become good at that which you practice / thus if you
        practice sadness / then you’ll become very good at being
        sad if one practice aiding others they’ll grow good in such.

        The point be with meditation (you start an practice of such
        if one can only manage one minute an day so be it / make
        it an aim in doing two mins a day …. then three mins a day.

        In doing such you will not only have planted the seed / you
        will see it grow at a pace you find comfortable … in time …
        with meditation its not a case of forcing oneself … its that
        one’s meditation brings such peace as spiritual experience
        that meditation being the joy & the centrepoint of one’s life.

        Take example the story by CHRIST when he talked of the
        poor woman whom able only donate a mite the lowest coin
        of value // yet CHRIST in praising in saying such given was
        from the heart & far more worthy / as offered by all the rich.

        From the acorn seed comes the mighty oak / taking a step
        to Almighty // then the Almighty taking strides towards you.

  2. I see a whole lot of fearsome imagry here. It’s wonderful imagery, but it seems like you’re playing directly off the reader’s fears.

    3.) The fear that if you speak out you will be made an example of and be painted as a fool. This fear is in basicly everyone and very relevant in the political arena.

    2.)The fear of the men behind the scenes, or “The Man.” The government is very mysterious and it isn’t really into truth. Alot of people are afriad of the secrets that have been kept by these men in white coats.

    1.)The fear of political manipulation and falseness. The fear of not being able to really trust those who control your country.

    All 3 of these you are so cleaver with writting little sections to your poem for. I love how it flows, I love how you emitt this feeling of dread. ^_^ I love it!

  3. Great poem that gets to the meat of the issue. Favorite lines:

    Secrets are being whispered everywhere

    I hear the pounding hooves of force coming

    the taste of malignancy

  4. the third poem is very, very deep. there are times when we have to protest. we are not ostrich, and we know what happens to ostriches.

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