At The Window

Note:  This is one of my earliest poems from high school, when I was so fascinated with surrealism and capturing dreams/nightmares.


Look.  There are hundreds

of men gathering under the white


Light of the moon.   And why

why, I say.  She says, look how


Their hands rise and fall.

With their low chant


They believe they control  the moon.

Their feet scour the ground beneath my window


And I am not allowed outside.






~ by Dark Landscapes on May 7, 2012.

9 Responses to “At The Window”

  1. very nice

  2. that is definitely a nice capture. if my take is right here, it is based on restrictions and men’s freedom of physical escapades so to speak. there is a touch of sarcasm in this too. and it does feel surreal to me.

  3. I love the mystery in this and it’s great to bring forth those earlier thoughts, too!

  4. love this! mystery is alluring, great work!

  5. you say this was one of your firsts? Well, I guess you’re inheriantly talented. ^_^

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