Everything, everything
is all her fault
— plagues, earthquakes, mosquitoes —
everything came from Pandora
That’s what we’ve been told
but this confounds me
this demand for obedience
this cost of curiosity
a warning to all, especially women
you must not ask questions
you must not dig deeper
to see how Pandora was set up for failure
Zeus sculpted her in clay
with treacherous hands
and after the four winds blew life into her
he gave a mischievous wink and shoved her into the center of mankind
to be the world’s first bride
All the gods sat back in amusement
eagerly awaiting the unwrapping of their wedding gifts
knowing that last box — the one with the golden ribbons — would unleash
a torrent of terror
Pandora is the scapegoat
for the gods’ wanting revenge
that the common man would seek knowledge
oh how angry the deities became when
the kind titan Prometheus lit up the world with his fiery gift
they created for him an eternal agony
bound him to a rock immobile
and let the raptors rip him open
suffering forever more
and the gods got to work
to strip mankind of Pandora’s one true legacy:

Now landslide into the present
and once again there they sit on the edge of their seats
anticipating the moment of demise
spitting venom in our water and telling us its tenderness
dusting the earth with clouds of tiny assassins
all in the name of progress
They whisper such tempting secrets in our ears
and inundate the senses with all their powers of persuasion
so our bodies swell with pride
and the world’s compass is corrupted
the needle spins in chaos
so we proceed without direction
to games of distraction
as the light from Prometheus slowly dims
they shush us in the dark
with shots of sleep
so we continue to walk in a slumber
ignorant of the cliff
until our feet find the ground gone

And pretty Pandora
sits statuesque and silent
a symbol of all
that we are no longer


~ by Dark Landscapes on May 5, 2012.

12 Responses to “Pandora”

  1. lora….this is very good. i love that ending. i’ve got to keep reading this for a bit. i just woke up from a long nap. i’m still a little fuzzy. but i’ll follow up tomorrow.

  2. Words words.. Your words are beautiful . .

  3. very wise poem. i always felt bad for pandora, she was tricked into doing that. society sure doesnot likes women who have the courage to walk the untrodden path ignoring warnings.

    • So true. Society doesn’t appreciate anyone with courage to go their own way or see things a different way. They’d like us all to stay in the box. Thanks for commenting.

  4. wow amazing

  5. GREAT pace on this one. tumbled right through it wonderfully.

    nice work!

  6. Outstanding read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he really bought me lunch since I discovered it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! 258610

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