I know if I wait just

long enough

it will come

floating in with the tide

or drifting in with the clouds

All I have to do is wait

serenely twisted in the sand

or lie back with my hands turned up

to accept the air

and the clouds will merge into clarity

Just wait…


Or maybe I need to be

on my knees

my eyes clenched in strict



whispering a prayer

waiting for an answer

Peace be with you.

“And also with you”.

But I am all call

and no response



I want the truth damn it.

I don’t want to waft through life wondering

what is real.

Did the shape really appear in the clouds?

Did I really wake to bird’s humming?

I am all about the extreme

from serenity to action

confidence to uncertainty

the white flag to a bloody fist


Punishment is required

I need the agony

Whipping myself

until the blood rushes to the surfaces

Whipping until all pores are open

Whipping until I’ve emptied


to purity

writing in agony

and waiting….

….always waiting….


~ by Dark Landscapes on April 23, 2012.

8 Responses to “Waiting…”

  1. Great emotion, and not overboard or in your face. Great images, and the rhythm and how the stanzas are setup, lend themselves nicely to the point of the poem.

  2. this is really good. certainly the extremes are here. it does remind of bi-polar in various aspects here. there are also other areas i’m thinking about in analysis as well.

  3. […] Waiting… (darklandscapes.wordpress.com) […]

  4. Very strong yet delicate…Moving.

  5. i have a theory that the frustration we feel when we wait for something is indicative of intuition that is trying to let us know that waiting is maybe not our true desire….. like it really is horrible to wait because we are missing out on now or something else when we do…..

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