Two Observations

(These are just quick almost poems, but not quite there yet.)


I spent all morning listening

waiting for my melody to emerge
while wringing out the emotional rag

I have lived long enough

to see
life is nothing but a series of threats
in the guise of helpful suggestions
I have always been afraid of that
“or else…”

We’ve all witnessed how it works
the steady spoon-feeding
of poison pudding

ordered to
think in threes:
this, that and another thing
Heaven, earth, hell
Father, Son and Holy Ghost
even Freud divided all into three
our body, spirit and mind forced into a perpetual war

or else….

Life As We Know It

We live our life
waiting for the next tragedy
staring at the television
as we’re told of the next holocaust:
a plague in the stealth dropping of birds,
a bomb materializing in hair gel,
sun radiation,
mercury poisoning, SARS, HIV, CO2. genetic engineering.

Handing off our dignity
Any right to privacy
Closing off possibility

Heading off the unexpected
There will be no more magic, just an orderly chaos

Our bodies stressed, our planet stressed.

While the sharp teeth of fear eat at us from the inside.


~ by Dark Landscapes on April 21, 2012.

10 Responses to “Two Observations”

  1. you capture a lot of life’s realities of which many are blind to see. we are our own demise – like as you mention about birds etc. it’s all connected to how we are treating earth, and yes, the references to biblical scenarios. if i may, we are trapped into what the bible has transcribed as to how it will be played out. so, yes, it is a perpetual war. this is just a take, but i’m sure there are other angles here. but i like it alot and flows nice.

    • Thanks, Don. I was just throwing out things that annoy me in the second poem, but somehow I will craft it into a real poem soon. I just feel like our society is becoming so stressed for the wrong reasons. We should be worried about how oppression and repression.

      • i hear ya lora. definitely agree with the oppression and repression. our society is stressed and i see it all the time. it’s kinda like this: bukowski says, we are trapped in our jobs and what not. he’s right, if i lost my job, it would be a miracle to get another. it’s just a tiny example.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. This is INCREDIBLE!!! I don’t think I have ever read a poem quite like this one. You have a remarkable gift. My favourite lines are “waiting for my melody to emerge”, “while wringing out the emotional rag”, and “There will be no more magic, just an orderly chaos”. Keep writing. 🙂

  3. You, dissected me wanting more..
    This was brilliant.

  4. I think both pieces capture accurately human emotions that we all feel or can relate to- wrestling with what we ‘should be doing in life’ and the pressures that go alongside with that, as well as the constant bombardment/propaganda by a media that tries to have the way we hold see/think/feel about things- you say that these pieces aren’t finished- I honk they wok great as they are

  5. every word spoken is true. its strange how we are spoonfed the poison pudding from infancy, very rare can detoxify their minds amply, forget about fully.

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