The End


This is where all time ends

and the circle of life has unravelled to a flat edge

refusing to go on

I came to the beach this morning

to experience the renewal of life

to watch the tide’s endless recyling

I wanted to feel the power of nature

and watch the salty wind

erase all footprints

But this sea is stagnant

and the air thick with the putrid smell of death

The ocean has coughed up

the carcass of a baby seal

and littered the sand

with empty shells like little coffins

waiting with their sharp edges

to make me a victim



~ by Dark Landscapes on April 16, 2012.

5 Responses to “The End”

  1. Nature is a bit like that, it doesn’t always deliver what you expect!

  2. what a scary scene painted with words. hope that stagnation is momentary. just the lull before a storm that will break and recreate.

  3. very good. “with empty shells like little coffins” that was superb. this is kinda like my last poem you commented on. this is tightly worded all the way through. this must be where a new beginning might emerge.

  4. Macabre and beautiful. A scerene setting painted with sharp talons, readying for it’s decent. It’s natural in it’s darkness and I really like that. ^_^ Mine are all of crazed people. It takes talent to make death and such from what is around them. Amazing work. ^_^

    • Thanks that means a lot. The poems in this blog are very dark, because they grew out of period when I was going through post-partum depression at the same time as dealing with my infant facing open heart surgery. He’s now a healthy boy, and I’m healthy and much happier. But these poems show what life is like through the prism of despair — both hormonal and emotional.

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