Night spreads like poison
slow and deliberate
Shadows stretch across the empty street
I stand like a statue in the shrill
glare of moonlight
while houses breathe at my back

I am perfectly still
But I know somewhere,
somewhere in the world
a heart is breaking
and tears spill into the grain of a tabletop
smoothing over the scars
and I know
somewhere else a heart is
synchronizing its joyous rhthym with another
Yes, I know the theory of great love and heartbreak
I know it like a shallow academic
the useless facts

I close my eyes
and see the earth
red and beating
like a raw, exposed heart
How I hate that image constantly throbbing behind my eyes


~ by Dark Landscapes on April 15, 2012.

8 Responses to “Staged”

  1. that one pulls no punches. great flow and great last line. all drink is out of my system…*L*

  2. This is grand!

  3. Whoah this is so vivid I really feel this one! Real deep and intense….can feel that you really went somewhere within to get this one out…This is a real moment. I love this type of poetry where is so clear yet so intense on so many levels, if that makes sense! The balance is’ beautiful’……….

  4. perfectly captured gloom, pain. beautifully written.

  5. so vivid and real.

  6. I like this. Icahn see the scene. Thanks.

  7. This poem reminds me of a Tree speaking what it can no longer shelter. Very beautiful. . .

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