There’s not much I believe


This is what age means:

a chronological stripping

and constant disproving

of the very existence

of life

So you are left

to wander through

the thriving night

and waken alone

 to witness
the violence of another sunrise

At daybreak

does the self split

in this explosion

of color
or does the sudden brightness

the self altogether

the shattered pieces
dissipating in the footsteps of shadows
running away
into the distant mist
that covers the mountains
on the other side of the window

there is this promise of green beckoning

to a life of existential wanderings


~ by Dark Landscapes on April 14, 2012.

One Response to “Daybreak”

  1. very good here and the flow good and tight. i really dig that last line as everything before that sets it up for that.

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