This poem is not sure

of itself

even the grammar is off

a bit

and now the lines
begin to sag
and words clump
together like seaweed

(I see you in the audience…
leaning over…

I know I can’t be trusted
to write anything important
anything that matters to me
I’m just slamming words together
feelings are so stifling
and I can’t get control
Even my dreams fail in the editing process
Each night I’m overwhelmed
with thousands of reels
I awaken and splice them together
and then rip them apart
and again

(I remember the moment
I discovered how you really felt
and had to pretend I didn’t know.)

We are sitting together
in this burgeoning garden
watching love blossom among the vivid colors
In the center is a fountain
spilling out the future
the future
we both imagined
as it runs over the ledge
and disappears




~ by Dark Landscapes on April 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “Random”

  1. Phenomenal because it is your heart!!!

  2. it may be called random, but it made quite the appearance. nicely done.

  3. love the way you use the uncertainty of the poem to portray the uncertainty of the writer.

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