There you sit sipping sake

under the flowering dogwoods

that bloom with artificiality.

Or, in another world scratching

at your bass

on a stage above a sea of plastic.

But always, always you

staring straight at me

on the other side

of this window

sitting with my spiteful pen


So many images

for me to sift through.

But photos are flat,


like nibbles of conversation

deficient, confounding

my knowledge blunted

and imagination rampant


reminding me of your fire

that raged down

my hillside

leaving this bald swath

after the smoke cleared

siphoned up into the taunting clouds

hovering above.


~ by Dark Landscapes on April 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Follow”

  1. it seems to me to be about the writing process. for me when i do it, it’s a romance that is involved with the writing. nothing wrong with it being called dark romance. it’s just a take however. the piece has a nice flow to it.

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