(I read that a few years ago, bureaucrats at the EPA reduced the value of  human life for statistical purposes, so the “cost-benefit” formula is slightly less in our favor.  Then, the FDA spoke up, and said they were over-pricing the value of human life.  I found it all rather disturbing.)



The chilly indictments

as time






to grasp

listening to rhetoric

the faint whispers like gypsy moths

eating at the night

distant as a photograph

they use science to depreciate my value

paring life down in a slow dissection

while we sit by

blameless and indifferent

to the fierce smiles

in the timid wind


we’re all awaken

by that startling snap of bone


~ by Dark Landscapes on April 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Science”

  1. i can sense what you are saying here. anything that pertains to governrment agencies usually has some kind of smokescreen going on.

  2. ah… so here are the political poems. ^_^ I think your ussage of the gypsy moth is a very clever one. No matter how much we say to others we feel differently… moths are a symbol of trouble, creepiness and make us aggitated and unsettled. Good peice. ^_^

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