Three Moods in One Day


The electric blue glow of night
leaves a metallic taste in my mouth
I sit still

shadows scatter
in every direction

There is so much blame
I’ve eaten


Following a shaded trail
of twisted tree roots
around the pond
emaciated squirrels dart by in a glimpse
greedy ducks surround me
There is so much need

I am overwhelmed


I have always lived
close to the sea
sniffing the salty wind
tasting the fishy breeze
I have drawn up this sort of suicide pact
bringing just the right dress
for the occasion


~ by Dark Landscapes on April 7, 2012.

5 Responses to “Three Moods in One Day”

  1. enjoyed this one very much

  2. three captivating shades of an interesting mind.

  3. very very good. keep em coming!!

  4. This one is by far my favorite of yours so far. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting for your loyal readers, please! 🙂

  5. This is why I reblogged your other poem! ^_^ You back such a powerful punch with so little of words. If you look at alot of poets out there, they tend to write on the longer side of things… I think these poems you have written are just marvelous! ^_^ They are pure human feelings… not hallmark descriptions of feelings… real feelings. I love it!

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