All day I sat

to study the blank sky

and its neutral blue

I decided

neutrality doesn’t work for me

Or you

Or anyone

And darkness gathers

in the tap dance

of time





We’ve melded into

a benign tumor on the side of the world

waiting for the slow wind

to erode us

to flying dust



~ by Dark Landscapes on April 3, 2012.

6 Responses to “Apathy”

  1. It’s small … yet thorough …. read my piece on apathy

  2. i definitely like your take on this piece stemming from its title. definitely a great flow here. and well, i was apathetic in a lot of areas when i was growning up.

  3. it’s brilliant. the rhythm is brilliant. the rhythm of apathy. .. with a hint of resentment….

  4. Absolutely wonderful

  5. “tap dance of time” – lovely!

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