Two Sisters in Front of the Mirror



One stares into the darkness

deep inside her pupil.

Her skin empty-white

like a cloud.

She is seven

and already weighted

with a seriousness

she carries like a pregnancy

feeling it grow within her.

The other looks at her completeness

sure as a rose

of her beauty.

 She hides nothing

in her glow.

This is as close as they get:

A shadow’s light; a light’s shadow.




I watched in dumb silence

my sister sitting under a menacing tree

plucking daisy petals

He loves me;

He loves me not

as I pulled splinters from my feet

Of course this must be a dream

I think to myself

How else would I be invisible?

How else could I know

the world stands on a dangerous






though there are no dark clouds,

a storm is surely gathering in this moment

of stagnant perfection

But in one blink

a baby appears suddenly

 in her lap

and the world is saved from that menacing tree

transformed into a man

folding his arms around a mother and son

 Time clips forward in choppy glimpses

and I am


walking along the landscape of life

afraid to close my eyes

though I am already asleep

In three decades

I have come no closer to truth

and keep lurching further

into the dark future

As the clouds of the past weigh me down.


~ by Dark Landscapes on April 1, 2012.

5 Responses to “Two Sisters in Front of the Mirror”

  1. i really like this piece here. the dark overcomes the light in it. there can be a connection to mood swings as well; such as if one has issues with instability in bi factors, but not necessarily the overwhelming factor. impact of words chosen nicely done.

  2. You see. . .this is the reason why I rarely write poetry. . .beautifully written, outstanding interpretation!

  3. like the lines:
    ‘I have come no closer to truth

    and keep lurching further

    into the dark future’

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