Fault Lines

Even my toddlers realize

I am not the same person

They see

my eyes retreating

their little latches loosened

With you unaware

I thought about your adventures

and wanted….no


to make

them mine

The potential

shifts slightly

But even this brief disruption

can have cataclysmic results

Think about the millimeter movements

along the fault lines

 the damage and destruction

This is what keeps me awake

This balance between

my importance and impotence

That, and

your stiffened shoulder

after I have sold myself off


~ by Dark Landscapes on March 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Fault Lines”

  1. well said

  2. this is a great piece here. i can see a mix of toddlers referring to words and of the emotive such as with the fault lines, and yet that can have interplay with words as well. interplay all throughout this piece.

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