My pen slips right off the page as the smell of honeysuckles wafts

through the backyard

window from so many years ago

I could not stay

a little girl

And it all hurts.

The past leaves little crumbs everywhere

And I don’t know which pile is mine

So many nights I drowned

in light

flipping every switch to on

But now

I’m ready

to drag in the shadows

pound them, split them open

Spilling out the truth

The door I’ve always slammed shut

is now swinging in the wind.


~ by Dark Landscapes on March 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “Ready”

  1. i can sense a few things in this one and can relate to aspects of it. i like your angle on the shadows. i have a piece involving shadows too.

    • Shadows seem to reappear in my poems quite a bit. I think I tend to dwell on darker themes, but in life, I’m much brighter.

      • cool that life is brighter. dark is good too, otherwise we wouldn’t have classics like poe. it can’t always be about the fluff. that would be nice, but realities like iraq etc bring aren’t fluff either.

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