Poetry Is



This will be an empty


all skeleton

no flesh

If only I could be like other poets

slit my wrists

and let the warm flow of blood pour

through these lines

But the truth is

There will be no truth here

It’s not selfishness

behind this staunch refusal

to empty myself in words

Just fear


Poetry is a peep show

a strip tease

that doesn’t stop with the clothes

But peels back the skin

amplifying the beating pulse

and releasing the soul.

But I am the nervous dancer

glancing at the clock

behind a dark velvet curtain.


I have a secret

more than one actually

But I am only thinking about

one night

when shadows came to life

forcing their darkness over me

when my world split

into before and after.


~ by Dark Landscapes on March 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Poetry Is”

  1. great piece here. certainly got that dark edge in it.

  2. “Poetry is a peep show” -love it.

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